Page 127
   Aug 3, 2018

UPDATE x2: What's this, actual progress?? I'm sorry for the radio silence; unfortunately this has just been a buckwild year for me :/ I've learned from past optimism not to promise a return to normalcy yet but it's a new month and I'm gonna do my best <3

UPDATE: As you can tell here in the year of our lord 2018 this god damn page is STILL not finished xD But im posting it anyways because THIS SHOW IS GONNA GET ON THE ROAD ONE WAY OR ANOTHER and I’ll just update it when it’s finished >:V! (Posted May 21rst)

I KNOW IM STILL HAVING UPDATE ISSUES IM SORRRYYYYYY DX Life shenanigans are continuing to mess with me @_@ So instead of posting the page im working on today (that was supposed to be up *yesterday*) im just gonna save this week’s pages and start regular posting next week because 1. I have learned I need a buffer of atleast 2 to function and 2. IM SICK OF NOT POSTING so next week im just gonna make it work and hopefully I dont implode x’D Which means this will be the last filler post before I careen this train back onto the tracks, see ya’ll soon!! (posted May 15th)

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